Wrestling Tournaments, Reimagined

Welcome to the WAR Zone, a revolutionary new system for wrestling events. With WAR Zone, wrestling events have better matchups, shorter wait times, and lower costs. If this is your first WAR Zone event, click here to create an account. If you've already wrestled in a WAR Zone event before, click here to register for an event.

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Quality Matchups

Your Weight Adjusted Rating (WAR) makes sure you only end up in competitive matches against wrestlers within a safe margin of skill, weight, and age. There's no need for weight classes, age divisions, or skill divisions!

Quick Events

No one likes waiting around. At a WAR Zone event, wait times between matches are drastically reduced, and a typical event is finished in under 2 hours. Weigh-in, wrestle, and get out!

Lower Prices

WAR Zone gives control to the wrestlers: you choose when, and how often, you compete, and only pay for matches you complete. No wasted time, no wasted money!