Wrestler Profile

William Lynn

Age: 11.0 years
Team: Bethpage
Weight (official): 83.8 lbs
Weight (unofficial): 83.8 lbs
Last Weigh-In: William Lynn: 83.8 lbs on 2018-12-03
Weight-Adjusted Rating: 6102.8 (P3)

Recent Rating History

Opponent Opponent's rating Result New rating Event
Christopher Pacilio 5847.5 L 6102.8 arrow_downward(-185.3) get rated manual input data
Joseph Fioravanti 7144.6 L 6288.1 arrow_downward(-2.9) The "Get Rated" Event!
Dimitri Mouzakitis 5911.1 W 6291.0 arrow_upward(+52.8) The "Get Rated" Event!