Wrestler Profile

Charles Haniquet

Age: 9.8 years
Team: N/A
Weight (official): 71.8 lbs
Weight (unofficial): 71.8 lbs
Last Weigh-In: Charles Haniquet: 71.8 lbs on 2018-12-02
Weight-Adjusted Rating: 5640.4 (P6)

Recent Rating History

Opponent Opponent's rating Result New rating Event
Nate Greene 5346.6 W 5640.4 arrow_upward(+13.3) The "Get Rated" Event!
Spencer Amato 5256.8 W 5627.1 arrow_upward(+11.2) The "Get Rated" Event!
Nate Greene 5540.0 W 5615.9 arrow_upward(+64.5) The "Get Rated" Event!
Spencer Amato 5284.5 W 5551.4 arrow_upward(+43.3) The "Get Rated" Event!
Lucas Pellechi 5461.4 W 5508.1 arrow_upward(+336.5) The "Get Rated" Event!
Paul Alongi 5306.1 L 5171.6 arrow_downward(-278.5) The "Get Rated" Event!